Pools can make any backyard even more enjoyable for families, and children especially enjoy them when personalized for them. Customization options exist that are both safe and exciting for children.

Avoid geometric pools with sharp edges and corners that could pose risks of injury in a playful setting, instead choosing designs featuring rounded corners and smooth surfaces.

Shallow End

Pool depth should be one of the top considerations in creating a child-friendly pool design. An ideal pool will be shallow enough for kids to play safely while still deep enough for lap swimming and socialization with adults.

Most pools feature a shallow end for children that measures around 3.5 feet deep, while their deep end extends up to about 8.5 feet deep – this gives children plenty of water to play in, while giving adults the perfect place to relax or unwind in lounge chairs.

Consider installing additional safety features, such as a perimeter fence, alarms (which can be placed on gates or pools), and nonslip mats around your pool area to provide additional layers of protection and deter unwanted guests. These items provide extra layer of security as well as help deter unwelcome visitors.


Children love pool slides, diving boards and water features like bubblers or deck jets that promise hours of entertainment – the key is balancing fun with safety considerations to prevent injury or accidents.

Waterfalls can be hazardous for children, as they resemble pool entryways and are easy to climb over. If your family enjoys waterfalls, make sure they are properly installed and secured by fencing them off properly.

A well-designed pool fence should be at least four feet high, completely surrounding the entire pool without footholds or handholds that could allow children access. Also make sure that children learn when it comes to water safety to always ask for assistance and keep floatation devices or shepherd’s hooks close by in case they become overwhelmed.

Tanning Ledges

Tanning ledges have quickly become an indispensable feature in new pool designs, creating an inviting area for lounging and play. Also known as Baja shelves, sun shelves, or wet solariums, tanning ledges can easily be integrated into any type of fiberglass or vinyl liner pool design.

Ledges provide shallow depths ideal for kids to splash around while parents relax nearby. Furthermore, these structures can also be designed with slopes and tiers leading into deeper sections of the pool.

Tannin ledges may provide hours of fun for children and adults alike, yet water remains an unsafe environment that necessitates extra safety measures. Teaching kids about water safety through swim lessons is one effective way of mitigating risks; additionally, keeping your pool well maintained with no slippery algae or sharp edges is also key for safety measures.


Swimming pools should always put safety first. If your family includes children or even guests who come over, installing barriers around the entire pool area is advised and sometimes mandatory.

These may include a fence that stands at least 4 feet high and does not permit direct access from the house; an automatic gate which opens outward, closes automatically, and has an out-of-reach lock that’s out of reach of children; as well as alarms that sound whenever any door or window leading to the pool opens.

Even with these safety measures in place, supervision must remain a top priority; even an unattended child could potentially leave or fall into water quickly if left alone.

Toy Storage

An inflatable pool filled with toys can be loads of fun, but it’s crucial that they have somewhere safe to go when not being played with. Left in the water, toys could pose serious danger if reached for by children who then lose balance when trying to gain their grip on them.

A toy storage area can help protect against animals entering your pool unwittingly. Add-ons like ramps and stairs provide quick exit routes should pets, frogs, or squirrels get stuck unexpectedly in the pool; while also helping to move water efficiently which reduces algae growth and bacteria build-up to make your pool both safer and cleaner for everyone who uses it.

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