Whether you’re planning on building a new home or remodeling your existing home, you will want to consider the many different home plans for small families available on the market. These include plans for a single-family house, a multi-family house, and even in-law suites.

Triplex plans

Those looking to build an affordable multi-family home will be rewarded with a wide variety of designs to choose from. Featuring modern open floor plans and varied layouts, these houses fit nicely on small lots while still providing plenty of space.

Triplexes are not as common as duplexes, but they can be a good choice depending on the size of your lot. This type of floor plan is great for a large extended family or a young adult who is going to college. It features several living units, including a spacious living room and kitchen with island. There may also be some attached units with varying sizes. These plans are also a good choice for a rental property.

A duplex is a two-story house plan with a separate living area on each level. Each unit shares a common firewall and a doorway leading to a separate entrance.

Open floor plans

Having open floor plans in a small family home can be beneficial. The open space allows natural light to travel throughout the space and makes it feel more airy and bright. It can also make a room seem larger and function better. It can be a great option for families with kids who like to play and entertain.

Before deciding on an open floor plan, you need to determine how large your space is and how you want to use it. You’ll also need to choose the right windows and light fixtures.

You can add color and pattern to an open floor plan with rugs. If you’re decorating the space, it’s a good idea to select complementary colors and have a strong contrast between the areas. This can help you define the different areas without having jarring transitions.

Upstairs bedroom with private bathroom

Using an upstair bedroom with a private bathroom can be a smart move. It gives you a little bit of privacy and allows you to use the space for something else. This plan has plenty of space for the family and guests, including a large living room, kitchen, dining room and a spacious en-suite bathroom.

The main floor has an open floor plan, which is ideal for families with older kids. The plan also features a full basement, which can be finished at a later date. This area has a large mudroom with a built in bench, as well as direct access to the garage. It is also home to a large soaking tub, shower and laundry room.

The primary bedroom has an en-suite bathroom and double sinks. The bedroom is accompanied by a large walk in closet. The best part is that it has a surprisingly big shower.

In-law suites

Adding in-law suites in a home plan for small family can add comfort and independence for both family members and friends. They can be built into a separate structure on your property, attached to your main home or in a garage. The ideal in-law suite has a separate bedroom, full bathroom, kitchen and living room.

The amount of work you will need to do to make the in-law suite livable will depend on the size, location, and features you choose. Some features may be restricted by zoning laws, and you may need to seek variances.

If you are constructing a new in-law suite, you will need a building plan. Most in-law suites are attached to the main house, but they can also be detached.

In-law suites are ideal for keeping loved ones close and for allowing an aging family member to have a little bit of independence. They can also be useful for people who need live-in caretakers. They are more affordable than assisted living facilities.


Having enough storage is essential if you plan on keeping all your stuff. Having a decent number of shelves and cabinets will help. Also, having a garage with room for extra cars or bikes is an excellent bonus.

Having a home with plenty of storage is also a good idea if you are planning on selling your home in the near future. This will ensure you can make the most of your investment. Besides, having ample storage means you are able to better organize your stuff.

The best small family home plans include a lot of storage in one package. For instance, the DFD-5750 includes a two-car garage that’s also home to a full-size bedroom and bath. This plan comes in under 1,500 square feet and offers a modern, open floor plan.

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