Are you prepping to list your home for sale? Home staging could be one of the best investments you make. Not only does it help increase buyer interest quickly and at top dollar, but it can also boost its value.

Stage your home to suit the lifestyle and budget of your target audience, so buyers can envision themselves living there. For instance, shabby-chic won’t appeal to modern buyers, while an elegant beach cottage would look out of place in a high-end neighborhood.

Focus on one or two key rooms.

When it comes to home staging, certain rooms can make or break a sale. These include the living room, master bedroom and kitchen.

To entice potential buyers, these spaces need to be spotless and decluttered. Furthermore, it’s essential that buyers can easily see the storage options when visiting a home for an open house or showing.

Make the most of your budget by focusing on one or two key rooms when prepping your home for an open house or showing. These will have the biggest impact on the sale and likely draw in a crowd of interested buyers.

Don’t overstyle.

Overstyling can turn off potential buyers. For instance, a home that’s overly decorated with vibrant colors on the walls may appear too busy and detract from the overall design of the room.

Instead of opting for bold features, opt for neutral shades, finishes and colors. This will help the rooms appear unified and create a welcoming atmosphere for buyers.

For instance, you should avoid overstuffing your living room with multiple patterns of throw pillows. Doing so can make the space appear cluttered and it’s also wise not to push furniture against walls which could create visual obstructions.

Another way to avoid overstyling is by taking away any personal items that might suggest the home belongs to the seller, such as family photos or religious or sports memorabilia. These should be done well before open house or showings so they don’t cause distraction for potential buyers.

Keep it clean.

Home staging is the process of decluttering, fixing, and adding subtle updates to create an inviting home that buyers will want to purchase. This method works great for drawing more online interest and, ultimately, getting a higher price for your property.

Maintaining a clean environment is paramount for successful staging, especially during open houses and showings. It’s essential to maintain your staging environment as professional as possible while still incorporating personal touches that make your house feel like home to you.

Maintaining your staging environment is an effortless and economical way to preserve the aesthetic you’ve worked hard to create. Whether you’re decluttering and cleaning yourself or hiring a home staging professional, these tips can help ensure that your home always looks its best for every showing.

Hire a professional.

Home staging is an effective way to boost the selling price of your home, make it stand out from competitors and reduce the length of time your house spends on the market. Staging also enhances how your house appears in photos.

A stager can offer advice on improvements to your home, such as painting, carpeting and furniture placement. They’re also able to clear away items that don’t add value or clutter the space.

Before hiring a professional for staging, take the time to do your due diligence. Research what type of staging they specialize in and if they have any formal training from organizations such as the Real Estate Staging Association or International Association of Home Staging Professionals.

It’s essential to determine if they stage in homes with pets, as many don’t due to fear of scratching or damaging furniture.

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