After months of winter’s heavy clothing layers, spring is the ideal opportunity to open up your space and introduce some fresh textures into it. A new shower curtain or gallery wall update are simple solutions that can revitalize any home quickly.

Plus, they’re all under $10!

Swap out your doormat

If your wool doormat has become cumbersome over the winter, upgrading to something lighter can instantly brighten up your home. Consider choosing something with an eye-catching pattern or cheery colors such as pastels, shades of white and even vibrant pops of green that will look just as lovely all year long.

Swapping out throw pillows and blankets is an effortless spring upgrade that will add coziness without looking cluttered or outdated. Choose a neutral or colorful palette, adding storage solutions such as this office space from Restoring Lansdowne (like this office from Restoringlansdowne), to reduce clutter and make a room appear more organized.

Substituting natural light with artificial lighting is an integral component of a spring home refresh, as natural lighting helps us wake up and feel energised throughout our days. Replace existing ceiling lights with floor or table lamps that adjust with shifting sunlight levels for an enhanced experience.

Rearrange your furniture

Rearranging furniture can be a cost-effective way to transform any room’s aesthetic, creating visual interest and adding pops of color without breaking the bank.

Rearranging can transform the feel of any room, adding life and freshening up living spaces. Plus, this is a perfect opportunity to reorganize belongings that no longer serve you and get rid of items you no longer require.

Furniture placement can help bring in the outdoors. This is particularly effective when facing sofas towards windows to showcase spring flowers or repositioning groups of chairs and end tables for conversation purposes. Interior designers often employ this strategy in their work; it provides natural light while adhering to Feng Shui principles by inviting harmony into homes.

Add a pop of color

Springtime is all about renewal and rebirth, so bring those fresh colors indoors by adding vibrant textile accents to your home. Be it an area rug, throw pillows, decorative pillows, blankets or catchall trays; brightly-colored textile accents instantly update a space.

Change up any room by switching out your curtains, drapes and blinds with different colors – say goodbye to wine-colored velvet drapes in favor of taupe linen panels!

Warm contrasting color palettes are a timeless spring staple, but for something a bit different try opting for a monochromatic palette instead. Rich shades like deep sage or soft blush provide subtle contrast. When mixing neutrals into your home design scheme it gives it an instant revamp without needing to repaint any rooms.

Refresh your gallery wall

Gallery walls make a bold statement in any room and are an easy way to freshen up any space. Simply swapping out some prints with brighter hues that embody spring will instantly refresh and elevate the atmosphere in any room.

A traditional gallery wall consists of five to 10 framed pieces ranging in size, arranged in a grid pattern. Rather than one long row of frames, this arrangement allows negative space between each piece for added dimension and balance.

Reach a cohesive look by matching frame styles and selecting photos with similar subjects. Or try mixing textures like patterned frames or metallic finishes for added interest.

Lighten up your kitchen

Refreshing your kitchen for spring can be an inexpensive and effective way to give your home an instant makeover. Display fresh flowers or herbs for an added burst of greenery. Branchs or twigs also add natural elements that add dimension and beauty to any decor.

Un easy way to refresh your kitchen is to change up its accessories by replacing some with spring-themed ones. Look for bright colors and floral patterns that complement this season. For instance, replacing your table runner with something in sage green or lavender may be enough to enliven it for spring season; hanging botanical prints on walls add an eye-catching splash. It will instantly give the entire room a welcome feeling when spring comes around!

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