Spectacular Modular Homes can be made in a short time. One such home was created by Method Homes and features an environmentally friendly exterior, a sleek interior, and five bedrooms. The Swingline Home is made of seven stacked boxes and has five bathrooms, two master suites, and a roof deck. It was built in four months by Method Homes. The homeowners added landscaping and a swimming pool to their home.

For those looking for a home with an open floor plan, Spectacular Modular Homes offers many floor plans. Their Connect One model is smaller than the Connect 10, and the Connect 6T is a two-story home that has an additional bathroom and two bedrooms. Spectacular Modular Homes also offer the Connect 10, their largest home. At forty feet by forty feet, this home features an inset deck and two family rooms.

If you want a modern, playful style, look no further than the Office of Mobile Design. This Los Angeles-based company offers portable homes that fit your lifestyle. Similarly, Turkel Design builds luxury modular homes throughout several states and Canadian provinces. They combine virtual walkthroughs with a prefabricated building shell. This means that your dream home is only a click away. Moreover, the process allows you to choose the exact design that best suits your needs.

While Method Home’s line of modular homes doesn’t include homes that are under $100k, their designs are truly breathtaking. These homes can be customized to fit your personal needs and are designed for long-term use. The shell of a Modular Home can cost anywhere from $38,000 to $275k, and the price range from there is between three and five thousand dollars. The average build time is six to nine months, but you can get a discount if you’re in the military.

When shopping for a modular home, look for a list of features that are included, and those that you can choose to add on yourself. You may want to have an on-site contractor install some features, but for the most part, the most expensive adjustments are made at the factory. You can add on features, such as an overhead rain showerhead and upgraded engineered wood flooring. Even exotic cabinets can increase the price of a home significantly.

Some modular home builders focus on customization. A modular home can be customized to incorporate many options, such as a garage or a porch, or a green space or patio. You can choose to add on a garage or a driveway, and you can even have multiple stories in your home. Modular homes can even be built with an unmodular foundation. You may be surprised at how customizable a modular home can be. You can even add multiple stories, cantilevered wings, patios, and green spaces.

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