While many people find modern homes cold and devoid of style, they are actually quite warm, and that’s because of their use of warm materials. The styles featured in this book showcase the work of the late architect Barry Berkus. In particular, the Asher series reflects his distinctive angled floor plans, which maximize living space while providing a fresh perspective on the great room concept. Listed below are five of the most stylish home designs of 2022.

Midcentury modern design revolutionized the way people designed their homes, using clean lines, bold upholstery colors, and menswear-inspired textures. This style emphasized how function served form and continues to influence designers today. AD magazine has been featuring modernist homes and furnishings for years. Modernist homes are often characterized by open floor plans, clean lines, and minimal ornamentation. Listed below are some of the most stylish home designs for the modernist style.

Contemporary design uses natural materials and neutral colors. This style often reflects Craftsman-style homes, blending modern lines with materials such as wood, stone, or exposed concrete. The style keeps the home tied to the past while bound to the future. Contemporary homes also use different materials to create a unique aesthetic. Modern homes will use wood, brick, and stone to accent their exteriors. Modern homes will also use a variety of furniture to define rooms. A kitchen island can separate the dining room from the living room. A sectional sofa can define the living room.

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