Home design trends 2023 allow homeowners to showcase their individual personalities through luxurious mudrooms and asymmetric bedroom furniture, among other trends. Look out for greenery-related features, scenic wallpapers, warm and welcoming color schemes as well as sustainable features like green roofs.

After years of neutral tones dominating fashion trends, earthy hues are making a comeback in fashion and interior design. Shades such as brown, terracotta and even paprika have seen an upswing in their popularity.


Arches are a testament to how form follows function; these elongated structures were specifically created to resist compression while permitting free movement. By 2023, expect to witness similar logic applied in home design trends, with arches appearing as desks in living areas or being featured as practical yet aesthetic options in bedrooms.

Homeowners increasingly want their home to serve as a retreat, with many wanting it to evoke wanderlust through specific materials from their travels being integrated into kitchen design or using colors reflective of an exotic locale.

Folky floral prints could provide another soothing element, from wallpapers and duvet covers to other accent pieces. Furthermore, we expect an increased emphasis on sustainability with homeowners seeking organic alternatives for furniture and decor pieces such as antiquing industry boom and an increase in greenery inside homes.

Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture adds an air of sophistication to any space, as well as providing a sense of history and culture. It is the ideal design trend for creating an inviting and warm ambience in their home.

Rattan furniture has long been a favorite. With its distinct texture and ease of care, rattan pieces make an eye-catching accent piece in any room, whether for decorative purposes or seating needs. Furthermore, pairing it with wooden pieces creates a rustic charm.

Dark academia furniture style draws its inspiration from the soft Tumblr girl aesthetic popular in the early 2000s. This trend features delicate wallpaper in pastel tones with white furniture; making this ideal for bedrooms, libraries or studies.

As 2023 home design trends move away from minimalism, we are witnessing an increase in decorative styles – particularly rugs which act as functional art forms. Homemakers are taking this trend as an opportunity to express themselves freely while adding objects that bring meaning into their living environments.

Natural Materials

2023 design trends show a focus on bringing nature into the home. Look for organic materials like warm woods and natural stone to create a cozy environment in your space, curved furniture inspired by nature to evoke memories, as well as indoor plants for an earthy touch that makes any room more welcoming.

Bold color is one of the hottest interior design trends for 2023, according to design professionals. Bold colors can serve as an expressive way to bring personality into the home and express personal styles through accent walls or pieces with vibrant designs – be they an accent wall or furniture.

Textured fabrics such as boucle and chenille are another trend to watch out for, making for luxurious upholstery pieces and window treatments. Pair these richly woven textiles with neutral hues for an layered and luxurious effect.

Multi-Function Spaces

Homeowners are finding new ways to optimize their space by designing rooms that serve multiple functions at once, from adding offices in kitchens to including laundry rooms in bathrooms – this trend will only grow as more millennials work remotely and opt for flexible schedules.

An increasing number of older generations are looking to downsize and move closer to family, leading to the construction of multigenerational homes equipped with amenities like bowling alleys and indoor pools to make life at home more enjoyable.

Now that wellness has taken such an immense role in interior design, expect more nature-inspired elements to appear, such as large sliding glass doors that connect indoors to outdoors, natural materials and scenic wallpapers that evoke nature. Also expect neutrals to remain popular; however expect warmer wood tones and earthy hues as a complement to these lighter neutrals.

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