Wall decor is one area where experimentation pays dividends; consider these creative alternatives to the classic framed print on canvas for a stylish display.

String wall art stands out with its vibrant hues and textural variations, making it a striking decor choice. Inspired by macrame designs, this string wall art features pins and trinkets for an eye-catching design element.


No matter the form – hand-carved wood panels, an artistic tree branch or even a wrought iron wall sculptures – large scale textural elements will elevate any accent wall. When hanging these items safely use picture hanger kits and other methods such as tape measure.

Two drawings combined as wall art are an effective way to add dimension and highlight different textures within one room, as shown by this pair of owl-themed works framed with rustic shutter-style sconces. Achieve this by creating contrast through colors and textures.

When selecting wall art, keep in mind that its purpose is for enjoyment by both you and those visiting your home. Select pieces that spark interest or spark an emotional response in you that meets with your personal preferences; additionally, mix up styles so your decor doesn’t become monotonous.


Wall art options shouldn’t just include traditional paintings and drawings – textiles offer another innovative solution! When looking for wall decor to bring life and character to a room.

Fabrics like a colorful quilt or hand-painted scarf make for stylish wall decor. Additionally, you could frame multiple fabric squares together or cut an eye-catching fabric into three or four long rectangles and hang them vertically as triptychs for added effect.

Instead of painting on your walls, decorative wall shelves can also be an effective decorative element. Shelves are great for filling empty wall space while providing space to display candles, flowers and other trinkets that add interest and add variety.


Flowers are a classic wall art choice, known to both brighten a room and bring positive energy into a space. Sunflowers stand out especially with their vibrant hues and signification of growth and life.

If you prefer a more subdued aesthetic, floral wall wallpaper could be just what’s needed to complete the look. There is an array of designs that complement neutral palettes beautifully.

Framed flower prints make an elegant yet subtle statement in any living space, whether alone or combined with other framed pieces to form a gallery-style display. Mixing up the mediums used for wall decor keeps things from becoming too one-dimensional; nontraditional mediums like woven fabric and tapestries add texture and depth while helping fill large spaces efficiently.


Sculpture encompasses any expressive three-dimensional form, whether freestanding like statues or reliefs attached to surfaces. Its aesthetic raw material includes both natural and manmade objects such as metals (including bronze), stones, clays, woods ivory and bones as well as their forms may be carved, modeled or even pounded into shape to achieve various effects.

Artists known as sculptors seek out unusual materials, from soft ones like ice and sand to common objects like bicycle parts, tools and consumer packaging. Since the 20th century, sculpture has no longer been limited to carving and modeling processes or natural materials such as stone and wood – modern sculpture often pushes beyond third-dimensional boundaries.


Abstract art can make an eye-catching statement when placed on walls in need of decor that demands the viewer’s full attention. A piece can completely alter the mood in a room through creating emotional connections; thus making abstract pieces popular in offices and workplaces alike as it showcases beauty while connecting people together.

When decorating a large space, try pairing two or more paintings together to form a diptych or triptych that fills it proportionately – this makes an effective alternative to hanging one large painting.

Hanging collectibles from your travels, handmade pottery from countries with strong ceramic traditions or a collection of hand-painted porcelain plates from different artists is a great way to add interest and depth to an accent wall. Plus, these items can easily be switched out when it’s time for an update in decor!

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