Organization Hacks to Create a Clutter-Free Home

A clutter-free living space not only feels good and reduces stress levels but can save time by making items easier to locate and prevent unnecessary accumulation of clutter. Here are a few organization tricks for creating such an oasis!

Though extreme decluttering may not be practical for most of us, implementing simple apartment organization hacks can make the task far simpler. These apartment organization tips will make your space appear more organized and spacious.

1. Use Vertical Space

No matter the size or scale of your living space, storage is key to creating an uncluttered atmosphere. Shelving and hanging organizers are excellent ways to reclaim vertical spaces that would otherwise be used for clutter storage, like behind closet doors and bedroom doors.

Find a baker’s rack in your kitchen, decorative shelves in bedrooms or living rooms, and ledges or cubes to display books and decor. Hanging hooks can add style to foyers or bathrooms to hold coats and hats while wall-mounted organizers hold keys, mail and other small items that cause clutter on tables and countertops. Furthermore, ottomans and coffee tables feature hidden storage compartments which may help you keep your home neatly organized if organized by category, frequency of use or season.

2. Utilize Drawer Dividers

Use of dividers is key to home organization. They help keep items in their respective spots without creating stacking and overflow, especially useful in deep drawers such as those holding clothing and art supplies.

Regularly purging your belongings is another essential aspect of home organization. Following the one-in, one-out rule ensures that any new items added into your space are replaced with something equally or better in value.

Storage bins and baskets can help organize closets, under the bed, and more by easily identifying specific items in large piles of clothes or toys. Wall-mounted hooks or hanging organizers can store coats and bags while cord management solutions help untangle electronics wires and cords.

3. Utilize Storage Bins and Baskets

Organisers often repeat this adage: when items have their own designated homes, they’re more likely to get put away properly.

Storage bins and baskets can be an efficient tool to organize both closets and kitchen cabinets, helping keep everything in its proper place. Opaque bins offer more style than translucent plastic ones and can even be labeled to make finding belongings simpler.

Large baskets are an effective way to corral throws and pillows in living rooms, while wire baskets can store potatoes, onions, and root vegetables in your pantry or kitchen cabinets. Select a style that matches the rest of your decor for an attractive result.

4. Utilize Wall-Mounted Hooks and Hanging Organizers

Maintaining an organized home quickly and effortlessly involves creating a system to store things in their designated spots, such as using storage bins, baskets, drawers and wall-mounted hooks to hang scarves or umbrellas; installing shoe racks near entranceways for corralling footwear; investing in organizational tools like three-ring binders to organize recipes, health records or hardware.

Integration of decluttering habits like the “one-in, one-out” rule (where an item must be sold, donated, or discarded for every new purchase) and setting aside regular time for decluttering are great ways to keep clutter at bay. Applying knowledge from Feng Shui may enhance organization hacks further by catering specifically for each space’s energy.

5. Utilize Fridge Magnets and Sticky Notes

At times, it can feel impossible to keep our homes organized. From mail and bills arriving daily to half-done art projects and random notes, paper piles can quickly accumulate.

There are plenty of tricks and hacks available to help you become and remain more organized. Take advice from experts like Marie Kondo who suggests only keeping items that “spark joy.” Doing away with anything unnecessary to your life should be your first step towards better organization.

As part of an overall declutter strategy, take time out each week to declutter. Start with one area at a time; for instance, start clearing away clutter on your countertops by gathering everyday items (i.e. toothbrushes, makeup supplies and curling irons) and placing them away (e.g. toothbrushes, makeup supplies or curling irons). Shower curtain rods can also help hang ties and scarves in closets or kitchen towels from them.

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